Welcome to the GP Year End Payables Management Page

Welcome to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Close page for Payables Management.  Below you will find resources to assist you in performing the year-end close for Payables in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Please review the demo along with the FAQ.  For your convenience, there are links to step by step instructions from Microsoft as well as other resources to assist you.


Payables Management Year End Video



Are inactive vendor records cleared during year-end closing? If not, how can inactive vendor records be removed?

No, inactive vendor records are not automatically removed. To remove an inactive vendor record, the following conditions must be true:
No current year 1099 amounts exist for the vendor
The vendor has no documents in work or history.

To delete all inactive vendor records that fit these criteria, follow these steps:
1.Use the appropriate step:
In Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Tools on the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Utilities, point to Purchasing, and then click Mass Vendor Delete.

a. In the Range list, click by Vendor Status.
b. In the From list, click Inactive.
c. In the To list, click Inactive.
d. Click Process.

What should I do if I must issue a check on January 1, 2013 but I am not ready to close 2012 yet?

Print the checks, but post them after you process your year-end closing. If you must post the checks immediately, change the Amount Paid fields in the Amounts Since Last Close view of the Vendor Yearly Summary window.

Some of the 1099 information is not showing correctly, will it auto-populate or can it be edited?

1099 information will not auto-populate if the transactions were not processed as 1099 transactions at the time of the posting. Below are ways to correct the amounts:
1.Manually edit the 1099 amounts individually using the 1099 Details window. (Cards | Purchasing | 1099 Details)
2.There is a tool in the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) to calculate 1099 amounts for a year after setting them up as a 1099 vendor when they already have transactions posted during that year. Instructions can be found in KB918536. For Microsoft Dynamics GP GP10 and higher, there is no cost for the Professional Services Tools Library. Please contact your Partner for information on downloading this tool.


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