One Big, Happy Family. The relationship of National Accounts in Receivables Management

Written By: Danny Rose

from September 25, 2012

National Accounts is a feature available within Microsoft Dynamics GP that allows the creation of a relationship between specified customers, typically ones that make up a single corporation or company. The parent customer can either have one or multiple child customers and is usually the customer that distributes payments on behalf of the child accounts. Other than distributing payments, National Accounts also allows the application of settings for the parent customer to the child customers for credit status, holds, and finance charges.

Reports and inquiries through Receivables Management can provide consolidated information about the activity of a National Account customer window – statements and aging reports are often used with this option. National Accounts even has its own window to provide consolidated information or details for just a specific customer that is a parent or a child account. (Access Inquiry, choose Sales, and selection National Accounts Inquiry). When selecting a Parent Customer in the Apply Sales Documents window, all open invoices for each child account can be viewed all at once or individually.

Setup this powerful feature in just a matter of minutes — go through Cards, choose Sales, select National Accounts and assign the customers. Select the Parent Customer ID and enter one or multiple Child Customer IDs below to assign. If there are a number of child accounts to setup, use the Select Children button to select a range of customers. This window also allows the selection of specific options for the group of accounts – the option used most often is Allow Receipts Entry for Children of the National Account,which enables the entry of cash receipts for the child as well as the parent account.

There are a couple restrictions for a customer to become a member of a National Account: the customer must be an open-item customer, and the customer can only be part of one National Account, as either a parent or child. Please note that cash receipts can only be applied from a parent to a child, and not vice versa or applied from one child to another.