Outlook Reading Pane

Written By: Josh Behl

from April 9, 2013

The use and likeability of the Microsoft Office Outlook Reading Pane is a personal preference for Outlook users.  For those who use it regularly, there is an additional benefit of using it: Microsoft Dynamic CRM record previewing.

When looking at a list of Microsoft Dynamics CRM records (such as, Accounts or Contacts) within Outlook and the Reading Panes are turned on, some of the record’s contents can be previewed within the reading pane when selecting a record from the list.  Instead of having to open the record to view notes, address information, activities and so on, users can view the information directly from the reading pane. The reading pane can be modified to individual preferences as well. For example, if a user only wants to see the address information and activities tied to a record, choose to only show those sections of the form.

This is just another simple yet effect example of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 can be personalized to show each user the relevant data in a way most useful to them.