Paperless ERP: The Best Prescription for a Major Pharmacy Chain

Paperless ERP:  The Best Prescription for a Major Pharmacy Chain

Written By: Alyssa Kadansky

from May 4, 2015

In the ever-changing world of healthcare, it’s important to keep up with the latest technological trends to keep operations running efficiently. Genoa Healthcare, the largest behavioral health pharmacy provider in the country, recently automated its paper processes by implementing a document management system with its Microsoft Dynamics GP solution prior to doubling in size by merging with QoL meds.

Genoa began filling prescriptions in the back room of a small, independent pharmacy a little more than a decade ago. Today, the organization has more than 125 full-service, on-site pharmacies in 31 states and the District of Columbia. To further expand its reach and provide behavioral health necessities to patients, the company merged with fellow behavioral health pharmacy QoL meds in January 2015 to become Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company.

Before merging and automating its AP processes, Genoa had a one-person AP staff who utilized a manual and undocumented AP processes.

“We knew that with the impending merger, carrying on with a manual process would become difficult for us to manage,” Genoa’s accounting manager said.

Some of these manual processes included emailing invoices for more than $500 to the appropriate store manager for approval, as well as printing, scanning, emailing, and filing invoices and other documents. This made it extremely difficult for staff to keep track of where invoices were in the approval process.

Genoa staff knew that it was time to find a way to safely store all of these procedures in a computer system and to regulate and automate some of the processes. After choosing their paperless ERP solution, Genoa now follows an automated approval process in order to enforce approval rules and avoid mistakes from manual processes. Printing and filing invoices is no longer necessary, saving both time and paper. In addition, the paperless ERP solution simplifies the invoice approval process by escalating approvals if the invoices are not acted upon right away.

Because Genoa was a large company with multiple locations, it also needed its solution to make location differentiation processes for invoices simpler, as well as one that would provide site managers with more visibility of their location. Now, managers have the ability to see pending invoices and approvals, as well as search all invoices for their specific locations. This provides more transparency for the company, according to the accounting manager.

“Since we’ve implemented, it has been so much easier to train people. We were able to automate a very manual process and now have greater visibility of the process from start to finish.”

The document management solution integration was a smooth transition for Genoa as it merged seamlessly with its Microsoft Dynamics GP system that was already in place. The company was able to customize the system to fit its unique needs and receive training on each piece of the solution. After discovering that the merger with QoL would be upon them within the year, Genoa employees were fully trained, went into unit testing, and, within only two weeks, went into production with their new paperless ERP.

“No one else seemed to have a true integration like MetaViewer,” the accounting manager said. “We liked having access to MetaViewer from within Microsoft Dynamics GP, and nobody else offered that.”

The results of implementing the document management solution have been nothing short of amazing for Genoa. Rather than having to remember all of the AP procedures, employees can now be trained on one fluid system that streamlines the processes. In addition, the system has allowed Genoa to double the size of the company but keep the same number of AP employees. This was due to the new document management solution taking on much of the workload and allowing AP staff to work on more crucial projects.

With the original goal of automating 50 percent of its invoices shattered, Genoa is now 100 percent automated, and the QoL addition has also become fully automated after the company databases were merged. You can’t argue with results such as these, and Genoa is now benefitting from the solution’s ability to provide the company with workflow automation, increased visibility, cost savings, and so much more.

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