Payroll: Negative Deductions Enhancement

Written By: Thomas Franz of Integrity Data

from October 1, 2012

Integrity Data has just launched a new GP Payroll add-on: Negative Deductions Enhancement. This product allows payroll clerks to create negative payroll transactions in Payroll Transaction Entry for any deduction assigned to the employee. Several customers had asked for this functionality, specifically to address situations where deductions were over withheld in a prior pay run.

Microsoft Support recommends in these situations, that the user create a pay code transaction for the negative deduction amount.  Then, process a payroll to reimburse the employee.  After posting the payroll, the user should create a Manual Check (Adjustment) to back out the pay code transaction and create a negative deduction transaction.  This process can be very burdensome to payroll clerks, especially when there are a large number of adjustments to process on each payroll.

The Negative Deductions Enhancement product automates this process so that it is transparent to the user.

The user can simply select to create a negative deduction transaction and process a payroll.  The system can even automatically post the Manual Check (Adjustment).  Imported deductions are supported as well and default settings can be applied to designate the pay code used for the various negative deduction transactions during payroll processing.  This simplifies data entry for the payroll clerk and ensures that internal controls can be enforced.

Negative Deductions Enhancement simply saves time and customers will see a quick ROI on their investment.