Posting Journal Printing in Dynamics GP

Written By: Jodie Macariola

from September 28, 2012

In Dynamics GP, any time a transaction posts, a series of posting journals are available for printing.  Each type of transaction (examples: journal entries, checks, invoices, payroll checks) has its’ own set of posting journals.  The default destination where the journals will print (ask each time, screen, printer, or file) can be established per type of transaction.  Additionally, the printing of a specific posting journal can be turned off per type of transaction.

Establish these settings in the Posting Setup window.  Navigate to Dynamics GP – > Tools – > Setup – > Posting -> Posting.

When you first open the window, it is empty.  You must select the Series and transaction Origin for the posting journals you wish to setup.

Here is an example for Payables Invoices.  All journals are printing, and the “Send To:” of “?” designates that the user will be asked each time where they want the journals to print.  This could get very tedious for the user.

Here I have turned off unwanted journals, and have the one I want printing directly to the printer.

Remember to save your settings!  Upon saving, the window will clear and you can select your next Series/Origin combination.


  • This setup is established per company.  If you have multiple company databases, you will need to repeat the above settings in each company.
  • The majority of posting journals can be reprinted.  Examples:  Reports->Purchasing->Posting Journals; Reports->Sales->Posting Journals; for General Ledger Journal Entries, use Reports->Financial->Cross Reference.
  •  If you would like to have the journals accessible in case needed for reference, but would rather not print them, you can choose to print the journals to a file and choose to append the file.  When you choose to append, each new posting journal will be added to the end of the existing file.  Make sure you store the file somewhere with enough space for growth.
      – Here’s an example:


- Navigation and screen shots from Version 2010 Fabrikam lesson company