PTO Management Made Easy!

Written By: Integrity Data

from April 24, 2013

Paid time off – one of the most basic benefits an employer offers.  Employees put a high value on getting paid while not working! 

How does your company manage this benefit?  Is it smooth as silk?  Easy to understand, easy to request, easy to approve…?   

In many cases, there is sick time, personal time, and vacation time that employees have available to them in which they receive pay when not at work – the latter two or at least the last one (vacation) requires approval.  This time off is often accrued, so that at any one time an employee will have a balance of time that they may use.  How is managing the PTO process handled in your company? 

How is a request initiated?  Once a paid time off (PTO) request is initiated, who approves it?  The manager or supervisor of the person putting in the request would by my guess.  Somehow, that person approving needs to know two basic pieces of information;

1 – Does the person requesting the PTO have a positive balance of time to use, and

2 – Is there a situation in that department that would not allow the person asking off to be out that day?  Item #2 could break down into two categories.  Either someone else has already asked off for the same time and the department couldn’t have both employees out simultaneously, or there is a deadline or event that requires everyone’s presence.

In some organizations, we have seen this done by hand with a “spreadsheet” taped to the break room wall to be filled out by each employee.  We got a headache just looking at it!  Or if you really want to apply technology, someone can keep an Excel spreadsheet… same effect; headache – but it’s electronic!

Would there be any benefit to your company if paid time off (PTO) requests could be automated?  How about an employee putting in a request, seeing their available balance of the time they are requesting, and the request automatically going to the proper individual for approval?  Then the person doing the approving is also able to see the balance of the time being requested, as well as a calendar to see if there is any reason to approve/reject the request based on the departmental situation.  Throughout the entire process, notifications to the one generating the request and the ones approving/rejecting the request keep all parties abreast of the status, which includes the final approval or rejection. 

Is your company required to manage FMLA?  Would HR appreciate an automated process for recording FMLA? 

Would it be a benefit if managers/supervisors could access the shared calendar when making a decision on meeting times, deadlines, or other personnel sensitive decisions?

Let U-LINC, an automated workflow solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL, make managing your companies paid time off benefit smooth as silk…

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