Quick Charts in Management Reporter

Written By: Danny Rose

from October 15, 2012

One of the many features available with Management Reporter is functionality that allows any user to quickly and easily create a chart directly from Management Reporter This is useful for users who want a graphical presentation of data or who would like to add a chart to a presentation.  This feature is very easy to use and requires no additional setup once Management Reporter is installed.  In addition, charts can be created from Financial and Account detail information.  Simply follow these steps to complete your own chart:

1. To begin, generate or open a report to your screen in Report Viewer. 

2. Right click the line you wish to include in the chart, and choose Select Row.  If you wish, hold down the Shift key and use the arrow keys to highlight any other rows to include in the chart.

3. Select the type of chart you wish to use in one of the following ways:

·   Right click on the data you have selected, select Quick charts, and then select the type of chart you wish to create.
·   Click the type of chart you wish to create using the icons in the tool bar.

4. Now that the chart has been created, resize it by clicking on the lower right hand corner and dragging until it is the size of your preference.

5. Right click anywhere in the chart to bring up more options: Copy, Show Legend, Palette, Series, Chart Type, 3D view, and Chart Title.

6. If you wish to pin your chart to that version of the report, simply click on the pin icon in the upper right hand corner of the chart toolbar to pin it to the Fact Pane.

There are currently five different chart options to choose from: Column, Line, Pie, Bar, and Area.