Sales Tax Compliance for Microsoft Dynamics

Written By: Liz Anderson

from May 1, 2013

It is no surprise that states are looking to sales tax as a way to generate more revenue these days, and ensuring your business is compliant is getting harder and harder.  This is especially true for small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) due to the cost and burden of compliance for staying on top of the different state and local tax rates and the thousands of changes that are made every year by state legislatures.  Many SMB businesses are not aware there are affordable solutions, such as AvaTax from Avalara, available to help mitigate the risks a business would otherwise take on when they try to tackle sales tax management manually. 

Avalara has made sales tax compliance easy for customers using Microsoft Dynamics with AvaTax!  AvaTax is a cloud-based services that make it simple to calculate rates, manage exemption certificates, file forms and remit payments.

The AvaTax family of products includes:

AvaTax Calc
AvaTax Calc delivers real-time sales tax calculations based on up-to-date sales and use tax rules including: sourcing rules, product taxability and jurisdiction assignment.

AvaTax Certs
AvaTax Certs is a complete exemption certificate management service. From wizard-driven online collection to associating the correct certificate with transactions, AvaTax Certs ensures you maintain compliance and reduce your audit risk.

AvaTax Returns
Dramatically increase accuracy and reduce the time your company spends on sales tax return processing with AvaTax Returns. AvaTax Returns automatically processes e-file, hard-copy and Streamlined Sales Tax returns for businesses of all sizes.

Stop wasting hours of your valuable time researching tax rules and regulations and get AvaTax!  Contact us to learn more about AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics today: