Sales Tax Compliance Tips for 2013

Written By: Melanie Beckett

from May 1, 2013

You aren’t in the business of calculating sales tax, yet it seems to take up a large part of your days. From determining your tax liability through nexus, understanding what your consumer use tax responsibilities are, to keeping up with the constantly changing exemption certificate rules and remitting your sales and use tax returns, there is much to keep track of.

It’s time to get help.

Debates over online sales tax, related statutory rules and rate changes have vaulted sales and use tax compliance to the top of every savvy businessperson’s 2013 action list. Understanding how to implement safeguards and systems, monitor widely varying statutory rules, and finding efficient ways to collect and remit the right sales and use tax to the right jurisdiction at the right time, can perplex even the most compliance-minded businessperson.

Avalara has outlined some of the key sales tax issues in 2013 and how your business can combat them. Watch the webinar recording to learn more:

Interested in learning even more? Download the white paper “Top 10 Sales & Use Tax Tips for 2013”, and consider automating your sales tax compliance with AvaTax from Avalara.