Saving Paper

Written By: Linda Brock

from December 19, 2012

Everyone is interested in saving paper and/or keystrokes. There is nothing more annoying than clicking cancel on six reports after posting a batch or having to recycle stacks of reports that are not needed.

The easiest way to prevent this in Microsoft Dynamics GP is to unmark all of the posting journals that are not wanted or needed.

1. Open the Posting Setup window by accessing Administration, click Setup, click Posting, and choose Posting again.

2. From the Series drop down, select the module being worked with; for example, Purchasing.

3. From the Origin drop down, select the function being worked with; for example, Computer Checks.

4. In the scrolling window at the bottom of the Posting Setup window, several reports are listed. The window contains a column of check boxes, one next to each posting journal. By unchecking the box next to the journals not needed to print, either the wasted paper or the wasted mouse clicks are eliminated.

These posting journals can always be turned back on if needed. Most posting journals can be reprinted from the reports menu by selecting Posting Journals from the list of reports. (In the Financial series the posting journals are reprinted from the Cross-Reference report list.)

5. Once the selected reports for this particular Origin are unmarked, click Save and select the next Display and Origin combination to turn off posting journals.

Note : On a Microsoft Dynamics GP system that is already up and running, most organizations typically do NOT want to select ALL as the origin for any Display series, as it is too easy to globally change other posting settings that can affect the sub-ledger to general ledger interface.