Server Installation Progress (Not Responding)

Written By: Joe Tews

from April 10, 2012

If you’ve ever updated Microsoft Dynamics GP, whether it be an upgrade from v9.0 to v2010 or from SP1 to SP2, you’ve no doubt encountered the frozen screen with (Not Responding) added to all the windows. Traditionally, this means that the window has stopped responding and will probably not come back. What is our first instinct in this situation? Close it down and try it again.

NOT SO FAST! Because of some changes in Dynamics GP and Windows, these windows simply aren’t catching up to the current task that is being processed. Your upgrade is still running in the background and will finish if you let it run its course. Still not convinced? There’s a couple of ways you can continue to monitor your upgrade’s progress. First, launch the task manager on the server, and click on the “Processes” tab. Sort by CPU in ascending order, and you will see that either sqlservr.exe or Dynamics.exe are continually using CPU. Otherwise, start the SQL Server Activity Monitor to monitor SQL and see that updates are still happening to the DYNAMICS and company databases (

The wrong choice is to end the program. This will corrupt your upgrade, and you must now restore your database backups and start over again. A particularly painful exercise, especially when upgrading a large database like the one I’m currently doing (the Not Responding screen just came on and we’re 1.5 hours into the upgrade of this one company). After a bit, your screen should return to normal operation.