SmartList in the Toolbar

Written By: Mary Ellen DeWitt

from October 22, 2012

Do you wish the SmartList was easier to find?  Add it to the Toolbar at the top of the Microsoft Dynamics GP window.  Click the square Layout button at the top right of the main GP window.  Click Toolbars and mark Standard.  That adds the diagonal icon to your Toolbar.  Name the icon by clicking the Layout button>Toolbars again and Customize.  Choose Standard as the Toolbar to Modify, highlight SmartList and click Modify Selection>Image and Text.  Click OK and you are done! 

Bonus:  if you want to rearrange your Toolbar so there are fewer lines, unmark Lock Toolbars on the Layout>Toolbars menu, arrange the sections as you like, and mark Lock Toolbars to save.

By Mary Ellen DeWitt, CPA, MCT, Systems Consultant with Cargas Systems.