SQL settings causing GP performance issues

SQL settings causing GP performance issues

Written By: Danny Rose

from January 1, 1970

Recently, I was speaking with a user of GP who said performance seemed slow within GP, particularly when logging in or closing GP.  At first, I thought it may be related to the Menu Master table (SY07110) growing too large, but that didn’t appear to be the issue.

I then recalled a similar support case from a while ago where there were options within SQL Server that were marked incorrectly – Auto Close and Auto Shrink.  These two options should always be marked as False for the DYNAMICS and GP company databases.

If you only have a few databases to check, you can simply go into the properties of each database through SQL Server Management Studio to verify that each of these settings are set to False.  However, if you have quite a few companies, you can use the SQL script below to check the setup of these options for all databases.  If any of the databases return a 1, then that database has the option marked as True and you should change it to False.

SELECT [name] AS DatabaseName

 , CONVERT(varchar(100),DATABASEPROPERTYEX([Name] , ‘Recovery’)) AS RecoveryType

 , CONVERT(varchar(10),DATABASEPROPERTYEX([Name] , ‘IsAutoClose’)) AS AutoClose

 , CONVERT(varchar(10),DATABASEPROPERTYEX([Name] , ‘IsAutoShrink’)) AS AutoShrink

FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases

Order By DatabaseName