Still Snail mailing W-2 Statements? No Way!

Written By: Julie Jensen of Integrity Data

from December 20, 2012

It is that time of year again: year-end closing followed by the rush of getting all W-2 statements mailed by January 31.  Do you wonder with this technological world we live in, why we have to snail mail the W-2 statements?  Everything is sent electronically and yet you are stuck there stuffing envelopes and buying stamps.  Well stuff no longer and stop buying postage to send out your W-2 statements.  With Email W-2 Statements you can send your employees their W-2 Statement securely via email.


E-mail W-2 Statements archives the employee copy so you can easily access and resend the emailed W-2 file if an employee requests another copy of their statement.  No more having to keep forms around from prior year so you are prepared to print an employee an extra copy.  Plus, E-mail W-2 Statements allows companies to save the Employer Copy D for all employees as a PDF copy. 

I know as an employee I love getting my W-2 Statement via email. It is password protected so I don’t have to worry about sensitive information being sent via email. It is easier to keep an electronic version filed away and easily accessible.