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Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip: Classifying Vendors for Faster Check Batches

Do you routinely pay out vendors using check batches, manually entering your vendors into each and every batch? That can get a bit mundane, not to mention time-consuming. Luckily, vendors can be grouped in a couple of different ways in

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An Explanation of the Change Item Standard Cost Window

Previous to version Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, if you changed the standard cost of an item, no journal entry was made in the general ledger. This caused an out-of-balance situation between general ledger and inventory. In addition, the Historical Inventory

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Email a Link Button

There is a great but little-known feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that makes it easy to quickly email someone a link to a CRM record. This “Email a Link” button is in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM record’s ribbon menu. I

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