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Business Portal Roadmap

With Microsoft’s recent release of Business Portal 6.0, a common question received is “What’s next for Business Portal?”

Upgrading to Business Portal 6.0

With Business Portal 6.0 now available, it is a good time to plan for your upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 with Business Portal 6.0. To assist with the planning, there are a number of items to consider. Listed below are important items to consider when upgrading –

Business Portal 6.0 is released

On May 09, 2013, Microsoft published the release of Business Portal 6.0. This is nearly five months since the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Besides a blog article and an update to the product release page, it hardly went noticed.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 - Business Portal

What a great event Technical Airlift 2012 held Sept. 12 - 14 on the Microsoft Fargo Campus was. As Microsoft - Don Morton stated in the closing note, it is an event likely to become annual. And it should in my opinion. Having the opportunity to visit with program managers, product managers, developers, technical support, and really every area of Microsoft within Fargo, there is significant value in attending.

HRM Self-Service Workflows Not Submitting

Recently, I've had some issues with Microsoft Dynamics GP - HRM (Human Resource Management) workflows. Specifically, whenever users submit timecards, they say they're submitted, but they don't flow through to the user's manager. And it's not just one user, it's everyone in the system. What's happening?

Installing BP in a Load-Balanced Server Farm

So, your SharePoint needs have expanded and you need to add additional servers to your SharePoint farm. How do you get BP to work in a load-balanced server environment? Well, it’s actually a pretty straight forward process to getting BP up and running in your load balanced environment.

Project Server and Business Portal

I recently upgraded a client from SharePoint v2.0 to v2010. The upgrade was successful, and the Business Portal implementation on SharePoint Server 2010 was also successful. Then, we installed Project Server on the same web application that Business Portal was installed on.

Helpful tips when upgrading to Business Portal 5.1

Are you preparing to upgrade your Business Portal (BP) implementation from v4.0 to v5.1 with the new release of SharePoint 2010 and 64-bit compatibility?
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