Debits and Credits

Seeing Clearly: How Windows Settings Affect Sizing

The size and appearance of windows within Microsoft Dynamics GP can be modified by making changes to screen resolution and display preferences in the computer’s Windows settings.

Eliminating Errors in Service Inventory and Unit Costs

Service inventory items are helpful when processing Sales Orders (SO) and Purchase Orders (PO), but problems can occur if the same service inventory item is used for both the PO and SO. While the General Ledger and standard Microsoft Dynamics GP reports are not affected, it might affect custom sales reports and Smartlist data. Sales history tables may capture inaccurate data regarding the unit cost of these service inventory items.

Printing and Emailing a Group of Receivables Transactions in Two Simple Steps

Many users generate sales documents through the Sales Transaction Entry window and print or email batches or groups of documents through the Sales Batches window or the Print Sales Documents window. In the past, receivables documents were printed one-at-a-time. Now, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 users who print or email receivables documents can also print or email a group of documents. To print or email a group of receivables documents use the Receivables Transactions navigation list. Filter the list of documents appropriately – for example by document date or document number – and check the boxes next to the documents to print or email. Then, go to the Actions section of the Action Pane and either select Print Documents or Send in E-Mail.

SmartList - Did You Know?

Did you know you can change the SmartList field name? Click on the Column button and change the display name. The original column name cannot be changed, but the display name can be changed.
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