Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP helped this business gain more insight, control and financial visibility

A Midwestern business in the fields of prosthetics, orthotics and mobility and accessibility projects needed to upgrade and improve its ability to produce real-time, statistics-based reporting and handle its accounts payable needs and other financial concerns. The company is known for its custom solutions to mobility problems and a commitment to improving the active lives of its patients.

Manufacturing in Dynamics GP without the complexities of the Manufacturing module

If your needs do not include MRP or time-phased manufacturing processes, you can probably adapt Inventory Bills of Material to your needs. The following article demonstrates a method to include labor and overhead in your Assembly Bills of Material, and provides a straightforward approach to full absorption costing as well.

Part 1: How to Reduce Inventory Quantity Decimal Places

When reducing the Quantity Decimal Places, you need to deal with fractional quantities. This is because On-Hand Inventory Quantities need to be taken into consideration when reducing decimal places. Previous transactions could have fractional quantities, which may require adjustment transactions to eliminate fractional quantities On-Hand prior to reducing the Quantity Decimal Places.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Delivers 4 Key Benefits to Physician Groups and Health Care Providers

As the country debates the myriad alternatives in health care choice and reform, one fact is definite: technology investments are paramount in enriching patient services and generating a vigorous outcome for physician groups and health care providers.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Gets This Publishing Firm to the Head of the Class

For almost 35 years, Armond Dalton Publishers has published high-quality supplements for collegiate accounting and information systems courses, including popular courseware for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Over time, the company has carefully added to their product offerings. Today, the company publishes eight supplements; six were authored by their extraordinary team. We provide the Microsoft Dynamics GP technical support desk that professors and teachers assistants use when installing the program and curriculum data on their computers.

Business Analyzer Builds Executive Dashboards

It is frustrating to contribute a lot of time and effort only to find the solution delivered was not what the CFO wanted. It would be nice to be able to pull something together quickly – preferably with minimal time and cost – to improve the feedback loop.

Why is Running Payroll So Hard?

Sometimes payroll is just a headache. It’s always possible to have something go wrong or need to be fixed at the last minute before processing. Worse yet, backtracking through a recently processed payroll to fix errors can be tedious.

Payroll Departments, Calculate Your Employees Future with the Life Insurance Tax Calculator

Many businesses offer employees various types of retirement and life insurance programs which can be challenging to manage. There are often many different options for employees to choose from initially and employees occasionally tweak withholding or other data throughout the year. Keep track of these important plans and know what the future holds with the add-on solutions offered by Integrity Data.

SmartList Data Not Populating When Attempting to Add Extender Fields in Microsoft Dynamics GP

I figured out something rather interesting today when a customer who is utilizing Extender and SmartList Builder said the SmartList they were attempting to run yielded no data.

Prevent Poor Communication from Derailing Your Business

Imagine finding out that a customer has cancelled a big order just after you authorized a major inventory purchase or that accounting is paying invoices without getting manager approval first. If you had been notified about your customer faster, you may have saved yourself some time and expense by modifying your inventory order accordingly.
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