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How to Disable A Microsoft Dynamics CRM User in CRM 2011 Online

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM user management was controlled in the System Administration settings. In CRM 2011 Online however user information is managed by Office 365, and to edit the information you must use the User Administration section of the Office 365 Portal. Follow the steps below to disable a user through the Office 365 Portal.

Resetting the password of a user - Office 365

Follow this step by step guide to reset your Office 365 password.

Changing a username to use a Custom Domain

With Microsoft Office365 user identities by default are managed with an subdomain you select when provisioning your Office365 account.

Price reduction for Office 365

Since the launch of Office 365 summer of 2011, Microsoft continues to regularly delivering new value in the service, releasing monthly updates, and brought Office 365 to another 22 new markets to grow the global footprint to 64 geographies. It is certain that more geography’s are to come! With the rapid growth, the result is cost to run Office 365 becoming more efficient.

Updates to Office 365 System Requirements

Microsoft made some revisions to the Office 365 System Requirements so that you continue to get the full Office 365 experience. These changes are reflected on the Microsoft official System Requirements page. Listed below is a summary of the changes to be aware of:

Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Book Review -Step by Step Microsoft Press, 2011

Book Review -Step by Step Microsoft Press, 2011
Darvish Shadravan & Laura Rogers

BPOS to Office 365 Transition

Summit Group Software is officially participating in the BPOS to Office 365 TAP migration program. I plan to share as many details as possible about the migration process as we proceed in order to make it as easy as possible for other organizations.
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