The Mystery Around Temporary Vendors

Written By: Gina Hoener

from December 10, 2012

So I worked on an interesting support case today. Client emailed me and said he could not void a payables check because the vendor did not exist! Impossible, I say…and I ask him if he is logged in to the correct company! Yep, correct company…he can even see the check in the Checkbook Register. My next thought was …fraud. Thankfully, he had the actual check and it was legitimate.

He gave me the check number, vendor name, vendor ID and invoice number. I queried the PM00200; no vendor there. Queried PM20000; nothing there either. Then I got to the PM30200…and there it was! I suspected this was a temporary vendor that was deleted.

Deleted? Vendor? How? Well, let me tell you. A vendor with a status of temporary can be deleted if the following requirements are met:

  • No current balance
  • No current 1099 balance
  • No open purchase orders in Purchase Order Processing 

When a temporary vendor is deleted the history remains! I ran the PM Transaction History Detail report restricting it by the Vendor ID. Sure enough, there were the transactions! So I went to Vendor Maintenance and created the same Vendor ID again. Sure enough, when we opened the Void Historical Transactions window and entered the check number we were able to void the payment!

Lesson learned!