Three Steps to Easier Payroll Management

Written By: Integrity Data

from April 19, 2013

If only running payroll was as easy as tapping a few buttons on your keyboard and printing paychecks.  Whether you have a few employees or dozens, payroll is rarely as easy as printing checks.  Keeping track and properly calculating vacation time and other leave benefits, pay rate changes, overtime, and other situations that impact an employee’s pay can be a challenge, unless you have the right software.  Here’s how you can get started on the path to taming payroll.

  1. Identify the complexities within payroll:  
    The benefits that you offer your employees are likely different from those of other businesses.  In addition, if your business has multiple locations in other regions, you might face additional challenges with varying benefits packages.  Start with identifying the benefits you offer each of your employees.  Determine what situations are becoming difficult to manage and identify how they impact calculating payroll every week.
  2. Find the right solution(s):
    Integrity Data offers a suite of enhancements that you can add to your Microsoft Dynamics® GP enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution.  If calculating vacation time, sick, military leave, FMLA, or other leave benefits is a challenge, then the Comprehensive Leave Manager can help you get it together.  Some businesses offer different pay rates or calculate expenses by departments.  In this case, the Employee Accounts and Splits solution will make it easier to track posting by accounts, split payroll transactions, or manage other complex payroll posting.  Integrity Data can guide you in finding the right solutions for your particular set of challenges.
  3. Get payroll in order: 
    Implementing the right software solutions is the final step toward improving payroll productivity, as well as reducing against common errors.  Using the right tool for the job, the proper payroll software can save time, improve data accuracy, and protect yourself against payroll mistakes.

Managing payroll is more than just printing checks.  Calculating leave time, rate changes, splits amongst departments, and many other factors can be complicated unless you have the right tools.  Contact Integrity Data for more information about making payroll management easier.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois