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Written By: Dustin Domerese, Brady Curtis of Quadis Technologies

from March 4, 2012

Filtering Data in a CRM View by Dustin Domerese, Quadis Technologies Click the Filter button in the Data ribbon above the grid or in the CRM for Outlook Ribbon Bar. This displays an arrow next to each column name for filtering based on that column’s data. Clicking this arrow presents options to sort both ascending and descending as well as to perform a Custom Filter on the column. The custom filter can then be used to specify the operator (Equals, Contains, Etc.) and the filter value. Specify up to two sets of criteria per column for filtering. To remove the filters, click the Filter button again in the upper ribbon bar.  

Using Workflow to Copy a Lead

by Brady Curtis, The Resource Group Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow can be used to copy Lead records by using the following steps: Create a workflow (process) and name it “Copy Lead”. Select On Demand under the Available to Run section. In the Options for Automatic Processes section, select only Organization within Scope. Select Add Step and Create New Record with the Lead as the drop down option. The Lead form appears where the desired fields to be copied are mapped. Make sure to use static values for the First and Last name such as “Enter” and “Name”. Once this workflow is activated, users will be able to run this on demand from the workflow menu on the lead they want to copy. After the workflow creates the copied lead, the user must find it and enter the correct First Name and Last Name for the new lead.

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