Top 5 Reasons for Using Microsoft Social Listening

Top 5 Reasons for Using Microsoft Social Listening

Written By: Jim Carroll

from February 6, 2015

With the spring 2014 release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 came Social Listening, a powerful new service that businesses and organizations can use to monitor their social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. All Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Professional License users now have access to this tool, and here’s why you should use it:

1. Gain a Better Perspective of Your Consumer Base

Microsoft Social Listening allows you to detect trends and listen for specific posts to keep you informed of what your consumer base is talking about. Top influencer tracking lets you see not only who is talking most about your topic, brand, products, and/or services, but it also helps you determine how influential they are. By using Social Listening, you can gain a true understanding of your customers and your business across social media.

2. Provide Better Customer Service

Last year, J.D. Power and Associates released a study finding that 43 percent of branded social media engagement by consumers ages 18-29 was customer service-related. Additionally, the study found a connection between overall satisfaction with a company’s social marketing efforts and consumers’ likelihood to purchase. Eighty-seven percent of “highly-satisfied consumers” in the study indicated that online social interaction with a company “positively impacted” their likelihood to purchase from that company. (Associates, 2013)

In other words, more and more consumers are using social media to air their complaints, give compliments, and ask questions. For that reason, it’s essential that businesses meet their customers where they are and address any customer service or support issues as quickly as possible.

3. Improve Company Productivity

Social Listening allows users to track conversations over thousands of sources including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, videos, and news sources. The design is built to integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an intuitive user interface; you don’t have to be a social power user to use it. With all social activity taking place through Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your team can increase their current capabilities, gain a better understanding of insights, share ideas, and plan campaigns. It will be markedly easier for your employees to coordinate social media efforts and marketing campaigns, assign responsibilities, approve content, and make each other accountable for tasks, thereby improving overall company productivity.

4. Help Identify, Understand, and Solve Business Challenges

If you’re not aware of a problem within your business or company, how can you fix it? Social Listening’s early warning alerts allow you to quickly identify customer issues and trends, while its interactive and visual analytics provide easy insights and understanding. You receive the data you need to gain deeper social insight and develop strategies not only to help solve problems, but also to deliver the solutions that your consumers want and need.

 5. Develop Brand Loyalty and Drive Sales

According to Microsoft, 75 percent of B2B customers are likely to use social media to influence their purchase decisions, and customers are more than 60 percent of the way through the sales cycle before they contact you. (Microsoft) And while social interactions may not directly result in immediate conversions, they will support engagement that may indirectly generate leads, create influential relationships with consumers, and build confidence in the brand, eventually driving future sales. The person who goes from following you on Twitter to downloading your white paper to posting on Facebook about a positive interaction with your call center is very close to wanting to buy from you.

In short, it’s not enough to just have a social media presence anymore; customers expect more. All brands should be integrating social media into their CRM strategy, and Microsoft Social Listening can help. When you combine the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 with Social Listening, you go from simple hashtags and selfies to actual sales generated from social media. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?

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