Top 5 Reasons To Like the New Perpetual License Model for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Written By: Brady Curtis of The Resource Group

from November 29, 2012

Microsoft recently announced a major new licensing model for Microsoft Dynamics GP that brings welcome changes.  The new model is called Perpetual Licensing and will go into effect with the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  Here are the Top 5 reasons why I like Perpetual Licensing:

  1. Simplicity – the perpetual license model is much easier for a prospective or current customer to figure out.  The current Business Ready Licensing structure has nearly 50 a la carte items to choose from along with two licensing structures.  Perpetual Licensing narrows this down to 7 items.  The primary decision for a customer will be to determine how many concurrent users are needed.  The base Starter Pack includes three users and most of the core modules a customer needs.  The Extended Pack can be purchased additionally if there are needs for Advanced Distribution or Manufacturing modules.
  2. Payroll & Human Resources are included – With the Perpetual Licensing Starter Pack, all customers will receive the Payroll & Human Resources modules for unlimited employees at no additional cost.  The new structure is inclusive of direct deposit and other commonly used components (note – Advanced HR is still a la carte).  This is a huge change and a tremendous value for all Microsoft Dynamics GP customers who choose to implement in-house payroll.
  3. Removal of Light Users – Microsoft decided to remove the Light User SKU from the Perpetual License model.  I think this is a great decision because there was too much confusion about when Light User licenses are required and what they do.  Going forward, all a customer needs to extend the reach of Microsoft Dynamics GP data is appropriate number of SQL Server licenses.
  4. Management Reporter moves to Unlimited Users – Currently, a customer receives access to Management Reporter through a specific user count which usually equates to the number of GP users.  Going forward, Management Reporter will not have user limits and can be used by more people in the organization.
  5. Existing Customer Migration Plan – When customers decide to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, they will be required to change to Perpetual Licensing.  Microsoft created a very fair and equitable license migration policy that allows customers to transition at no additional license cost.  There is a mapping process for modules currently owned to Starter or Extended pack, but there will no longer be a license model transition (LMT) fee. 

Please contact a Microsoft Dynamics partner for more information about the new Perpetual License model for Microsoft Dynamics GP.