Top Six Things to Consider When Shopping for a Cloud-Based, Integrated Payment Processing Solution for Microsoft Dynamics

Top Six Things to Consider When Shopping for a Cloud-Based, Integrated Payment Processing Solution for Microsoft Dynamics

Written By: Stephanie Burke

from May 4, 2015

Using the Internet as a sales channel entails much more than just a corporate website. Today, most businesses are selling online with a web store built for all devices to meet consumer when, where, and how they choose to shop. This sales channel is still more than just a corporate website paired with an online catalog. Each unique business’s customers will demand a full-service online store, which includes the ability to process payments online. While online payment processing may bring on certain fears, such as handling sensitive payment information or credit card fraud, we’re here to say that online payment processing doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, implementing a payment processing solution for a business’s web store offers many benefits – just be sure the right solution is chosen. And further, if you’ve already tuned out as you think selling online applies to retailers only, try changing your thought process as B2B eCommerce sales were $559 billion in 2013, which was twice the size of online retail sales that year, according to Forrester. With that, selling online is more than just for retailers; it’s for wholesalers/distributors as well.

For the sake of this article, we will be referring to our cloud-based, integrated payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics, KloudPay. KloudPay is our answer for secure ACH and credit processing within Microsoft Dynamics. This cloud-based, PCI-DSS Certified payment processing solution works with multiple gateways, providing a reliable service for online payment processing, transaction management, and tracking, all within Microsoft Dynamics.

Better Customer Service

Just as consumers demand to be able to self-serve online with the ability to browse an organization’s web store from any device, they also want options when it comes to making a purchase. If consumers are already browsing an online store, enable them to complete their transaction online with the payment method of their choice, whether that be credit, debit, ACH, gift card, or loyalty points. Further, the ability to proceed through checkout on a web store must be available to the organization’s customers from their desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and any other web-enabled device they may be using. Providing these customers with a quick, painless process for making an online purchase from start to finish will help build loyalty and encourage repeat purchases from that organization.

Improved Accuracy and Fast Transaction Times

Accepting different payment types is a critical piece of selling online. Taking it one step further includes integration to Microsoft Dynamics to alleviate work back office. An integrated system not only eliminates the inaccuracy that comes with manual data entry, but also simplifies the process of accepting payments online. When a payment is processed, it is written back to sales order processing within Microsoft Dynamics in real-time. This increases the speed at which an organization gets paid, reducing DSO (days sales outstanding).

More on Integration

Not only does Microsoft Dynamics power inventory and pricing information for businesses, but it also is now their hub for payment processing as well. A web store with online payment processing, both with integration to Microsoft Dynamics, leaves businesses with one point of maintenance and one source of truth, their ERP (or Microsoft Dynamics CRM). Using this integrated payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics allows the organization to pre-authorize, post-authorize, sale, void, and credit, with all data being captured in and stored in our PCI-DSS Certified private cloud.

Low Cost and Easy to Implement

Choosing a cloud-based system versus on-premises eliminates the need to invest in any security hardware, web servers, licenses, or any other costly components. The hosting provider also takes on managing all IT, and with KloudPay, we guarantee 99.95 percent uptime. This allows businesses to focus on core business functions and forget about any technical concerns or headaches.

PCI Compliance

Perhaps the number one concern with online payment processing lies in credit card fraud and having to handle sensitive payment information. A payment processing solution that is PCI-DSS Compliant alleviates these concerns. As a best practice for secure payment processing, a software vendor should offer a payment application that helps merchants and agents mitigate security compromises by capturing/storing sensitive cardholder data offsite that might otherwise suffer unauthorized access from hackers. The solution should also support compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). KloudPay is PCI-DSS Certified and stores all cardholder data securely in our private cloud, which is also PCI-DSS Certified.

Choose a Technically Savvy Payment Provider

Processing payments online includes handling sensitive payment data and comes with many risks. Therefore, due to the complexities of developing a secure payment processing solution along with the continued investments required for the software’s infrastructure and security, online payment processing systems have moved from being owned by banks, to being developed and owned by software companies. With that said, a critical piece of choosing an online payment processing provider lies in choosing the right business. Choose a technically savvy software provider that not only understands the security involved with processing payments online, but also can still deliver what each unique business needs in a safe and secure environment.

In addition to KloudPay, k-eCommerce offers a fully responsive, integrated eCommerce platform for Microsoft Dynamics. Our organization has been in business since 1999 and in the Microsoft Dynamics space since 2004. As one of the first players in the industry in this space, our commitment to the community lies strong, and we continue to strive to develop and improve our product offering for our clients. For more information, please reach out to our sales team via email at, or by phone at 734-928-6010. You can also visit our website,