Update Rollup 12 Also Brings Changes to Notes

Written By: Dave Packard

from March 22, 2013

Update Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 brought a lot of new enhancements to the application with a few of those updates sliding under the radar. One such change was the addition of the new online CAL option. Another quiet change was the updated Notes section, which changed the overall look and one piece of functionality.

Let’s start with the look.



It is not a drastic change but is large enough to be noticeable. The main reason for this is to allow for cross browser support, which has been a much requested enhancement for CRM. So the update makes sense, but it did have one unintended consequence (besides being a little harder to read in my opinion):

It has changed how you can print the notes from a record.

Before UR12, if you opened a case and had a series of notes, you could hit “print” and the system would automatically expand the notes section and print ALL the notes contained within. So, if I had 10 notes, it would print all 10 notes.

Now, if you open a case and hit “print”, it will ONLY print the notes that show within that grid. It will not automatically expand, so it is now limited to “what you see is what you get”:


This isn’t a big deal unless you need to print the entire record, notes included, for a meeting with someone like a client, who doesn’t have CRM. How can you get all the Notes?

The best way is to create a Report and then run it from that specific record. Yes, you will need to print twice—once for the record and once for the Report of the notes—but it will give you everything you need and, I think, is a fair trade-off for cross browser support.

To build the report, start with the record type and then the regarding notes. For this example we are working with Cases, so it would look like this:

Add any filters you need. For this example we will run it on a record by record case, and we want all the Notes, so we don’t need any special filters:

Include the columns from the note you want:

When it is done, just go to a Case, click on Run Report and select the newly created report:

Your result will look like this:


From here you can print this report as shown above or save it as a pdf, Excel file, CSV, etc.

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