Using Checkbook Balance Inquiry

Written By: Danny Rose

from May 4, 2012

The Checkbook Balance Inquiry window can be used to view the cumulative balance of a checkbook or to view the checkbook balance as of a specific date.  This is a quick and excellent way to view the balance as of the last day of the last month, among other purposes. 

An issue that a lot of people have with this inquiry window is that they select the Checkbook ID prior to selecting the date range.  The problem is that all of the transaction data begins to populate as soon as the Checkbook ID is selected, and if there are a lot of transactions, you could very well be waiting for quite some time for all of the transactions to populate before you are able to select the date range.  This can also lock GP up while this data populates and cause GP to freeze until it is finished.  The fix is simple: enter the date range before selecting the Checkbook ID.

Once the data is populated, you’ll be able to view the Current Checkbook Balance, which is what Bank Reconciliation currently has, and the Current Cash Account Balance, which is what the GL currently has.  Most importantly, however, is the Checkbook Balance for the ending date that you selected.