Using Report Writer to Add a Field

Written By: Mike Scalamogna

from September 25, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, a customer was looking to add a description field to the Payables Management Historical Aged Trial Balance. For simple financial reports like this, all that customer had to do was use Report Writer to add a field. It’s really pretty simple. Here’s how:

When running a report, click the Modify button to open Report Writer. The Toolbox window and the Layout window are the two windows that will be utilized.

1  Use the dropdown box on the toolbox to view the tables used to create the report.

2  From the PM Transaction OPEN table, drag and drop the Transaction Description field into the section of the report labeled Body. Maneuver some fields or possibly delete one that is not important to get it to fit.

3  Resize a field by highlighting the field and clicking CTRL and using a combination of arrow keys.

Change the font size and font-related characteristics by highlighting, and clicking Tools on the toolbar and choosing Drawing Options.

Click the A button in the toolbox window to insert a text field into the H1 – Vendor section. Once the text field is in place, edit the font size and the size of the box the same way as a normal field in the report. Make sure the text field is just above the transaction description field.

Do not worry about making everything look perfect here. Just get the description and label in the report and delete any unnecessary fields. The layout can always be fine-tuned after running the report the first time.

REMINDER!  Be sure to go back into Microsoft Dynamics GP and give security access to the alternate report so that it can be used.

Despite the popularity of FRx and Management Reporter, the native report
writer tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP is still widely used to generate simple financials, format checks, and process other reports that do not require a sophisticated piece of software. If you have any questions about the data structure behind Microsoft Dynamics GP, or if you have any trouble adding a field to one of your reports, your Microsoft Dynamics partner can assist you.