“What If” an employee wants to know “What If” involving his salary?

Written By: Thomas Franz of Integrity Data

from December 7, 2012

Have you ever had an employee come to you and say, “What If I change my tax withholding to Married?” or “What If I change my 401K withholding from 5% to 7%?” “What will that do to my take home pay?”

Or, have you ever had a manager say, “I want to give an employee a bonus, but I want to ensure he takes home $500 in net pay.”  How do you figure out how much this equates to in gross wages?

Integrity Data’s Paycheck “What If” Calculator to the rescue!  Now, payroll clerks can answer these questions easily without modifying payroll records and performing a mock payroll run.  In the case of grossing up wages to get to a target check amount, they can avoid calculating everything manually, or performing several mock pay runs until they get it right.

The Paycheck “What If” Calculator allows the user to:

  • Modify pay rates, deduction and benefit amounts and change tax information
  • Add pay codes, deduction codes and benefit codes
  • Gross up a pay code to a net pay amount
  • Use the employee’s last check as a starting point for the calculation

This is a simple, easy to use GP payroll add-on that will save payroll clerks time and the headache of grossing up those cash bonuses that are so common during the holiday season.

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