What Kind of Team Is Necessary for an ERP Implementation?

What Kind of Team Is Necessary for an ERP Implementation?

Written By: Ken Jacobsen, Jr.

from February 18, 2015

When a business begins considering an enterprise resource planning software implementation, there are often many variables that go into the decision-making process. Keeping in mind how important ERP systems are to the overall health and productivity of an organization, a company can’t approach the topic lightly. In addition to the initial steps of actually integrating the software, business leaders have to consider the costs of managing, updating and upgrading an ERP platform when they are reaching their decision.

For this reason, a growing number of companies have developed ERP implementation teams in order to pool collective knowledge into a central group to help guide the process. With a solid foundation of well-informed team members, a company can better ensure a swift and streamlined implementation that ultimately benefits the company. This team serves several vital functions in support of the integration:

- Works as a liaison between members of the C suite who are the primary decision-makers and the the employees who will be working hands-on with the software.

- Coordinates the implementation with the third-party provider of the ERP platform.

- Effectively organizes the timeline for the implementation, while also drumming up support among critical staff by ensuring pre- and post-integration training

The selection process for developing an ERP implementation team is another key consideration and one that is conducted on a case-by-case basis. For instance, cloud-based ERP software wouldn’t likely require as much input from members of the IT department. However, regardless of where the software is hosted, project managers are likely a great resource during the planning stages because of their expertise in organizing large-scale projects.

These are just a few of the many critical considerations involved in cultivating an ERP implementation team. For more ERP Implementation Tips, visit The TM Group’s How to hit the ground running, ERP implementation tips on our website.