When to Use the Report Wizard

Written By: Robert Stephan

from April 9, 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides many quick and easy ways to view and filter data right from the familiar list interface.  With customizable views, quick search, column filtering and Advanced Find, users  can retrieve, filter and organize records without having to go to the Report Wizard.

So when is the extra step of using the Report Wizard, even if there is no reason to print the data, necessary?

Here are a few simple easy-to-use reporting tools that are not available in the list view:

  • Group records by one or more fields that make sense (ie: list of Orders by Territory then by Account Name) and then let the system total up.
  • Count of the number of records in each grouping.
  • Sum of the dollar amounts (or other numbers) for the records in each grouping–and overall totals as well.

This additional functionality can provide richer and more useful Business Intelligence information with a just a little additional effort.