Working with the Microsoft CRM 2011 Reading Pane

Written By: Katie Anderson

from February 14, 2013

In CRM 2011 Microsoft has extended the familiar Outlook reading pane to most entities within the CRM Outlook client.  For each entity the reading pane can be placed to the left, right, or at the bottom of the window.  There is also an option to turn the reading pane off.  However, the “off” setting only persists for the current session.   When you reopen Outlook the pane will be back on.  These placement settings are under the View section of the menu ribbon. 

Within the reading pane, each tab on the CRM entity form is represented as a section with a blue caption. You can click and drag these headings to rearrange the pane to suit your individual preferences.     Because the reading pane is an Outlook form and not a CRM form, it cannot be modified like CRM forms.  Each section of the reading pane will display all of the fields in the corresponding tab in the order they appear on the tab. Hence the only way to modify the reading pane is to modify the form.  Also note that the reading pane is not subject to scripting modifications on the form.  I you are using scripting to conditionally modify the form, those modifications will not display in the reading pane.